Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter and RSD Inspiration Post

I'm Lady B, for those who don't already know, and it is my turn to give some creative mojo to those in the RSD Facebook Fans and Friends Group.  I would also like to take a moment to remind everyone about the March RSD Facebook Challenge.  Click HERE to find out details about the challenge.

Pictured below is the ever so cute "Larry Lapin".  He was drawn by Rick St. Dennis MFA and is available exclusively at "I Brake for Stamps".  Larry can be found in digital form here and in rubber form here.  I coloured Larry with Copic Markers, scanned him to my pc, and then I added him to the digital card I made.  This is an older piece of mine, but I wanted to post something to reflect the holiday.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
Also, Happy Early Easter for those who celebrate next week! 

Pictured below is my current make for inspiration.  Click images to enlarge.

I made a 3 page art journal spread.  The theme/inspiration was the quote "What I really want is".
To make my journal I used the following:  "Art Will Set Us Free" digital stamp drawn by Rick St. Dennis MFA.  It can be purchased here
  •  I coloured the digital stamp with Copic Markers, fussy cut it, and I set it aside for later.
DecoArt Products Used:
Other Materials:
  • Drywall Tape from the hardware store
  • Scissors
  • Heat Gun (optional)
  • Mini plastic cups or tissue tubes to make the circle shapes
  • An old plastic credit card for spreading paints and making lines
  • Various stencils, both handmade and store bought
  • Brushes and foam stencil pouncers
  • A large container of water to rinse brushes
  • Kitchen Towel for my multitude of messes
  • Focal image of choice, I used the Rick St. Dennis Digital Stamp "Art Will Set Us Free".
The Process: (For all paint steps, let one layer dry before moving on to the next layer).
  • Prepare journal pages with DA Gesso in White.
  • Colour or paint your focal image, fussy cut it from the paper, and set it aside to use later.  If you are wanting to paint an image directly onto your journal page, save this step until you are near the end of your journal page making.
  • Using a brush, palette knife, wedge tool or a credit or gift card, apply Tinting White Base and several coordinating colours onto journal pages and smoosh around until the base is covered. You want to use colours from the same colour family so you don't end up making mud.
  • Apply stencils and paint colours of choice to create designs for extra visual texture.  I used a sponge pouncer for this.  Continue this process until you like your pages.
  • Apply drywall tape in several areas.  In some areas, I left the tape on the page.  In other areas, I used the tape as a stencil with white and black gesso as well as various paint colours.
  • Use credit card to make lines.  I used my credit card and gesso for this step.
  • Use anything with a circle shape to make more marks on the journal page.  Once again, gesso was used in this step, but a thicker paint could work as well.  I used plastic cups, but tissue tubes and kitchen towel rolls work well too.
  • Attach focal image with DA Media Matte Medium.
  • Write anything you wish with the DA glass markers or pen of your choice (optional).
  • Seal page with Media Matte Varnish.  You can use a satin or glossy finish if you prefer. DecoArt sells those as well.
  • Basically, just play, experiment and have fun!
~ Lady B ~