Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY ATC Holder x 3

It has been a long, rough, snow-filled and bitter cold winter in my neck of the woods.  Heck, it snowed on the first day of spring and more snow is in the weather forecast.  Luckily, the temperatures will get warm enough for the snow to melt.  I can't wait for some sunshine and warmer weather!

While being a shut-in this winter, I have made a few projects, but I haven't been very good about posting my makes.  That changes today!  I will not allow Mother Nature's messed-up alarm clock to interfere with my crafting anymore.  It is time to push those winter blues away.  Today I will share three projects with you.  All three projects happen to be the same thing, but they are all unique in their own ways.

Pictured below you will see three versions of my DIY ATC Holder.  Click the  pictures to enlarge.  If you want to learn how to make these ATC Holders for yourself, head on over to the Tuts and Comments Blog for the tutorial.

My first ATC Holder, which is actually the last one I made, is named "Beautiful Death".  It is pink, white, red and feminine.  Yes, it has a skull or three, but there are beautiful flowers and a cameo.  Have you ever seen a skull project of mine look so pretty?  This ATC Holder features the digi stamp  "Skull with Roses" by Rick St. Dennis.  You can find other great images
to adorn your projects in Rick's Zibbet and Etsy Shoppes.

Side View of ATC Holder.

Front view with ATC Holder closed. The top flap tucks behind the Cameo to stay closed.

The back view which showcases RSD's "Skull with Roses" stamp.

Front view with top opened. I used the "Skull with Roses" stamp again.  The skull was colored with Copic markers.

Front view with top opened. I used the "Skull with Roses" stamp again.  I love that image!  The skull was colored with Copic markers.

Side view demonstrating the stability of the ATC Holder. This ATC holder has 11 pockets. I wanted 13, but I messed up two pockets and didn't feel like making anymore.

Now for ATC Holder #2.  This is the second ATC holder I made, but I haven't given it a name yet. This one has enough pockets to hold 15 ATC cards,  gift cards, or wallet sized photos.  Once again, click pictures to enlarge.

Front view with top closed.  The ATC holder is held closed with hemp and a plastic bone.
Above is the back view of my ATC Holder.  The image is "Poe 1" by Rick St. Dennis.
Pictured above is the front view with top opened.

Now for my third ATC Holder, which happens to be the first one I made.  I do realize I'm posting in an odd manner.  I named this one "The Black Cat" after one of Poe's works. Click pictures to enlarge.

Front view with ATC holder closed. I made a closure from buttons and black hemp.

Front view with top opened.  Lots of patterns in here!

Side View.

This is a whopper of an ATC Holder.  This has pockets for 20-25 ATCs.  I will have to get a true count later when I'm more awake.  I used different dimensions for this book, but I forgot what they were.  This book is a bit wobbly in comparison to the others.

The Back View of my ATC holder using RSD's "Poe 1" digi stamp.

Back View of ATC Holder and some ATC's I made to go into the holder.  The images are all "Poe 1" from RSD.  The ATCs are colored with Copic markers and some have clear embossing on them. Two feature a portion of Poe's writing of "The Black Cat".

That's it for today, folks.  Now I'm off to finish some secret projects I've been working on all month.  Be sure to check out Tuts and Comments for the ATC Holder Tutorial and then head over to Rick's Zibbet or Etsy Shoppes for some cool images to go with your projects.


~  Lady B  ~