Saturday, February 27, 2016

Heart and Skull...Inspiration for the RSD February Challenge

Hi!  Lady B here sharing some inspiration for the RSD February Challenge.  For this challenge, participants must use a Rick St. Dennis image from his Etsy or Zibbet shops and the creation must contain one or more hearts either in the image itself or in the final project.  Read more details here.

I made a MM Canvas Board using a Skull from RSD's "Boneyard Skulls" digi set and DecoArt paints and Mediums.  Click on image to enlarge.

My real camera is MIA so I had to use my cell for photos.  I will try to post a better picture later.
~ Lady B ~

DecoArt Products: 
Other Products:
  • Canvas Board 8" x 10" from Jerry's Artarama
  • An old credit card
  • Drywall Tape from the Hardware store
  • Chatterbox Journaling Genie Stencil #3 Funky.  This stencil is so old, I don't even know if it exists anymore.  I used it to make the Swirled and Zig-Zag lines.
  • Any printable image of choice.  I used one of the Skulls from Rick St. Dennis MFA's "Boneyard Skulls" digital stamp set.
  • Access to a laser printer
  • Fountain Pen
  • Black and Opaque White India Ink
My Process:
  • Although my Canvas Board came pre-primed, I added another coat of gesso in white and dried with a heat gun being careful not to let the gesso bubble.
  • White tinting base and the fluid media acrylics were added in random spots on the canvas and the paint was spread with an old credit card.  American matte acrylics were applied as well.  I kept applying more paint and kept smushing it about until I achieved the look I wanted.  My paint mixture was thick so I allowed the canvas to dry overnight.
  • A heart shaped stencil was cut from paper, placed on the previously painted canvas, and white gesso was applied followed by Americana Premium Matte Acrylic in Purple Cow.
  • Media Matte Medium was applied to the heart as well as to the skull image (which was printed in reverse with a laser printer).
  • When dry, another coat of matte medium was applied to the heart and printed image.  The printed image was applied face down onto the heart and any bubbles or wrinkles were smoothed away.  The image was allowed to dry over night.
  • The paper was removed from the canvas with a wet sponge.   
  • After the paper was removed and the canvas was dry, I applied soft touch varnish to the heart. Two coats were applied and allowed to dry.  
  • Crackle glaze was applied to the heart and skull image and allowed to dry.
  • When dry, Carbon Black Antiquing cream was applied to the cracks in the heart and allowed to dry.  When dry, excess antiquing cream was wiped away with a slightly damp napkin.
  • The crackled heart and skull were sealed with soft touch varnish.
  • Using a credit card and gesso in black and white, several lines were made over the canvas.
  • Gesso in black was scraped through drywall tape in several areas.  I also did this with white gesso and prussian blue hue acrylic paint.  In some areas, the stencil paint/gesso was still a bit damp so new colours emerged.  A happy accident.
  • When the paint was dry, Modeling Paste in white was scraped through my journaling stencil.  
  • Titanium white fluid acrylic was painted over the dried white gesso for a brighter look.
  • White gesso was applied with a credit card and DA's "Mod" stencil in two areas.
  • Using black India Ink with a fountain pen, the white swirl and zig zag marks were outlined. The heart was also outlined with both black and white India Ink and the same inks were used on the skull image to add highlights and deepen the shadows of the image transfer.
  • The canvas was sealed with soft touch varnish.
  • Brush and stencil cleaner was used to clean off my stencils and fountain pens.
Thanks for looking!
~ Lady B

Friday, February 5, 2016

Forced Affection Day is on the Way

It's February.  Everything is pink and red and full of hearts.  The Hallmark Company in the states will make millions of dollars selling sappy Valentine's Day Cards.  I won't be a part of the nonsense.
In my opinion, love and affection should be shown every day, not just on February 14th which is Valentine's Day (Forced Affection Day).  It's the day people feel obligated to declare their love and devotion for if they don't they will surely be shunned.

In honour of VD, the holiday (not the disease), the RSD EDT is challenging Rick's fans and friends to make a creation using Cupid's Toys.  For the challenge, you must include a heart or an arrow or both in your design/image.  My make is below.  Click on the image to enlarge.

I used the image "I Want Your Heart 2015" drawn by Rick St. Dennis MFA.  
The image and background was coloured with Copic markers then the image was scanned to my PC.  I re-sized the image and added a calendar to it as well as a coordinating border.
Rick has a whole set of calendar toppers in his Etsy shop as well as many of his creepy images.
If you prefer cute, elegant, pretty, or mainstream images, check out Rick's Zibbet shop.

Here is a bit more about Rick's February Challenge:

It's time for our February RSD Facebook Challenge!
Theme ~ Hearts and/or Arrows
For this challenge, which must feature a Rick St. Dennis image, we want to see a heart(s) or an arrow(s) or both somewhere on your project, either in the image or in the background...or maybe it's the shape. Have fun with it!

Time Frame ~ February 1 – February 29 at 11:59 pm EST

Facebook Challenge Rules
must use an RSD digi or rubber stamp
full project, not just colouring of image (full project can be anything from a tag, card, atc, to an altered piece, mixed media or art journal page...anything where the project is the showcase for the image which is the focal)
hand coloured and hand crafted (no digital colouring)
no limit to the number of submissions per person
one clear, well-lit photo per entry entered into the February Facebook Challenge album. You can link to blog in album comments under your photo. That way it will pop up on the Timeline so everyone can be inspired.

Winners & Prizes:
We are using a sliding scale for prizes based upon the number of entries
1 to 3 entries: 
Winner chosen by Prize: one digi
4 to 10 entries: 
One winner chosen by EDT Prize: one image & badge
One winner chosen by Prize: one image 
11 to 20 entries:
Two winners chosen by EDT Prize:one image & badge
One winner chosen by Prize: one image
21 + entries:
One winner chosen by EDT : one image & badge
One winner chosen by Rick: one image & badge
One winner chosen by one image

~ Lady Brayton ~

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Wanderlust Journal Spread

DecoArt was sponsoring a challenge in January for Wanderlust based on a composition tutorial and the quote "Sometimes What You're Most Afraid of Doing is the Very Thing that will Set You Free.
My attempt is pictured below.  Art journaling and mixed-media are fairly new to me so needless to say the challenge was a bit out of my comfort zone.  I did enjoy the process.  Click the image to enlarge if you wish.

Sorry.  I used way too many supplies to list, not to mention I forgot to keep track the supplies used as I went along.  I will keep track in the future.  I can say I definitely used DecoArt Gesso in white, DecoArt DecouPage and DecoArt Media Gel Medium.  The colours are now a blur to me.
~ Lady Brayton ~