Friday, May 27, 2016

Beware:Cute Alert!

Here is some cute inspiration from me today.  For those who know I like dark stuff, yes, I am actually ill and feverish.  Apparently I make happy and pretty things when ill and dark, creepy stuff when well.  Perhaps I should speak to my shrink about this phenomenon?  LOL!  Click image to enlarge.  You can purchase the image, "Betsy and Bunny" here.  Click here to find the Rick St. Dennis Fans and friends group.

Click the image to enlarge:

~ Lady Brayton ~


  1. amazing and wonderful colors! So sorry to read you were ill at the time! Nice treat to see your cute works but really do love your darker art :)

  2. Definitely a sick lady! At least there's a black wreath! Thank Sin City stamps for reminding me where you are :)

  3. Stunning project. You handled the cuteness well.