Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween Doesn't Have to be Creepy or Scary

Lady B here to share a little project I made to represent the prettier and less scary side of Halloween.

Rick St. Dennis Images: 
"Katie the Pin Up Witch digi stamp" can be found on Zibbet and Etsy.
"Morgana's Castle Scene digi stamp" can be found on Zibbet.

The background and all images were coloured with copic markers.  I added some random branch stamps around the border of my scene.  I then scanned the images to my PC and added Katie the Pin Up Witch to the castle scene and added two digital clouds and a digital crescent moon.
See...Halloween doesn't HAVE to be SCARY. 

 If you WANT to see SCARY stuff, head over to Airless Chambers.  The EDT is participating in a month long Halloween and Day of the Dead blog hop.  An added bonus...people browsing the participating blogs can win prizes!

~  Lady B ~

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