Friday, April 3, 2015


Happy 40th Birthday Trudie 
Here is your blog hop 
we adore you to bits and wanted to share the love with you 

Have an amazing day love from us all 

You are here---Lady B---You are here


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Happy Birthday, Trudie!  May this year bless you with loads of love, a touch of wealth and endless creativity! 

Much love on your Special Day!
~Lady B~ 

I made a digital card using elements and paper from the "Dwelling Hill", "Lovey Dovey" and "A Special Today" kits made by Kitty Designs at Oscraps.  The cute monster is a Rick St. Dennis image named "Fwayt the little monster".  He was coloured digitally in PSE8.  I made a real card with this image, but botched it at the last minute.  Figures!  

Trudie, I can email you an unwatermarked image to print or I can turn this into a real card and send it snail mail, but I live in the states and it will take a few weeks to arrive.  Let me know what you want as you are the Birthday Girl.  Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Oooooooh this is absolutely FABULOUS!

  2. This is wonderful, the colours are so bright and jolly, and I love the expression on his goofy face!

  3. Oh wow! Love this! I would love to print it out to stand alongside all the other awesome cards! This needs to be seen by all my friends and family aswell! I am so glad I was able to finally get onto your blog to see this! I love the colours and I love exactly like him right now! Even have the helium balloons to keep me upright! Thank you so much xxx