Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KICKSTART YOUR ART with Smeared and Smudged Day1

There is an art journal challenge going on over at Smeared and Smudged.  It is a Daily challenge for 7 days which gives participants 24 hours to complete each day's challenge.  I'm new to art journaling so I thought I'd give these challenges a go...time permitting of course.

The challenge for day one was to use Primary Color Drips.

Pictured below is my take on the challenge:

I used the primary paint drips, outlined the drips, doodled, added some stamped images along with my sentiment "Remember to Play".  This is significant to me because I tend to take life and art too seriously.  Remembering to Play reminds me to have fun with what I'm doing and permits me to "make mistakes".  The best learning comes from play.  Children learn through play so I figured adults can do the same.

I don't remember the maker of the stamps, but they were purchased many years ago through Gorey Details.

~ Lady B ~


  1. I love your page! Your doodling looks awesome! I definitely need to remember to play and relax more, I'm usually a ball of stress. I'm glad you're trying to play along with our Kickstart Your Art Challenge.:) *hugs*

  2. WOW, Lady B! Amazing doodling and fab stamping on your drips. Gotta keep "remember to play" in my head too. No wrries 'cause we're having FUN, right? xxD

  3. Wow, LB ! what a great page ! what a pleasure you playing along with us ! Love your doodlings !

  4. hahaha I love this.I have so many stamps I do not remember from whence they came either sssshhh don't tell and I won't tell :) your page is fabulous.
    Thanks so much for joining us.
    susan s

  5. Just a bit of doodling! Wow. So fun and totally cool to look at. Fab creativity w/ the challenge