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Use Only Smeared Ink Images with Smudgy Antics Week 2 of 2

Welcome back for week 2 of the fortnightly challenge with Smudgy Antics!

The theme for this challenge is 
to USE ONLY SMEARED INK STAMPS in your projects. 
NO OTHER STAMPS ARE ALLOWED. You may use rubber stamps or digi stamps or a combination of the two, but you may ONLY USE SMEARED INK STAMPS in your creations in this challenge.  This is the last week to play so hurry and get your projects linked!

If you don't own any Smeared Ink images, 

you can purchase some digi's in the Smeared Ink Shop.
If you don't have money to spare, you can join the Smeared and Smudged Forum for FREE and pick-up the freebie for the Freaky Freebie Challenge and combine that challenge with this challenge.  This challenge can be combined with 
the 31 Days of Halloween as well.  There are no excuses!  
Get a Smeared Ink image and play!

After looking at my project, please be kind and head over to Smudgy Antics to see what the other Design Team Gals have created for your inspiration.  

I altered a mini wooden coffin and topped it with the gorgeous Calaveras Bride from Smeared Ink's Calaveras digital stamp set.  Click pics to enlarge.

The Bride was colored with copics, scanned to my pc, printed 6 times and fussy cut.  The various layers were attached with silicone household glue for dimension.  To brighten her colors, I painted her with DecoArt Crystal Gloss Enamels in Turquoise (DAGT10-30), red (DAGT04-30) , brown (DAGT11-30), and white (DAGT01-30) . While the paint was wet I sprinkled some Glamour Dust Crystal Glitter (DAS37-3) for some shimmer.  

Below are the DecoArt products I used:
(the pic shows Texture sand which I usually use on my projects, but for this coffin I actually used modeling paste.

Texture Primer/Sealer (TXFP07-43)
PaintableTextures - Modeling Paste (TX02-51)
Americana Paints in Lamp (Ebony) Black (DA067) and Snow (Titanium) White (DA01-3), and Turquoise Blue (DA268-3)
DecoArt Crystal Gloss Enamels in Turquoise (DAGT10-30), red (DAGT04-30) , brown (DAGT11-30), and white (DAGT01-30)

Other Products Used:
Alcohol Markers
Glossy Accents
Glitter glue in Black
Copic X-Press-It Blending Card
mini wooden coffin
various sizes of paint brushes
Okay.  I didn't take all the pics needed for a proper tutorial, but here is how I made my coffin.  First I had my decoupaged Calaveras Bride colored, painted, glued and dried.  While she was drying I primed my wooden coffin with DecoArt primer/sealer (TXFP07-43).  This product assures good adhesion of the paint and also prevents the wood from sucking the paint in which would make multiple coats necessary.

Once the sealer dried, I traced my Calaveras Bride onto my coffin and applied Modeling Paste (TX02-51everywhere except the outlined area.  This assured that my Bride image would fit after all the texture dried and was painted.

When the modeling paste was dry, I painted all the textured areas a medium gray (I mixed Lamp Black(DA067) with Titanium White DA01-3).  I painted the inside of the coffin with Lamp Black (DA067).

More drying time.  Next I applied washes of color.  A color wash is basically paint diluted with water so it makes a very thin stain.  The washes get deep into the crevices. First I did a wash with Americana Lamp Black (DA067then I did a wash with Traditions Quinacridone Gold (DAT07-35to add an old, rusty quality to my coffin.  At this point the coffin looks gross, but fear not!

Now comes the part where I got so into my project I forgot to take pictures.  This step is dry brushing.  I used both  medium and light grays that I mixed.  To dry brush, you get your paint onto your brush and wipe almost all of it off onto a paper towel or a rag so the brush is dry and has just enough paint on it so you can drag the brush across your project and it will only color the peaks of your textures and won't seep into the deeper crevices   This helps to add dimension and really brings the texture to life.

On the inside of the coffin, which was previously painted Lamp (Ebony) Black (DA067)  I added a coat of Weathered Wood Crackle Medium (DAS8-9) and allowed it to dry.  Weathered Wood is my favorite of the Crackle Mediums!  When dry, I added Americana Turquoise Blue (DA268-3paint to match my Bride Calavera.  Although the crackle was nice, the inside looked too pretty and finished to match the outside of the coffin so I decided to grunge it up with an Americana Lamp Black(DA067color wash.  Unfortunately, since I did not seal my crackle before doing my color wash, and because the undercoating was Lamp Black, the crackle is not evident unless you look closely.  Live and learn.  There are no mistakes in art, just creative opportunities!  Also, I did achieve the grungy look I was going for. 

Lastly, I applied my Calaveras Bride to the coffin with glossy accents.  I would have preferred silicone glue, but my tube became empty.  I must remember to always have an extra tube on hand as silicone glue will stick to anything.

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~ Lady Brayton ~


  1. wow this is gorgeous...the coloring and that coffin...fabulous!

  2. LB so so so wonderful. She is beautiful in those blues and with the red flowers, she holds her own against that awesomely textured coffin. WTG!