Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Make A Creepy Halloween Tag by Lady Brayton

Hi! I'm Lady Brayton.
Since Halloween is approaching, I thought I would show you how to make a creepy Halloween tag and give some tips on adding textural interest to any tag or ATC you make.  This tutorial is also featured on the New Rick St. Dennis Blog "Tuts and Comments".  Be sure to check out the blog for other cool tutorials.  While you are there, why not become a follower of the blog?  You never know what interesting techniques or projects will be taught.

Items needed:
Mesh or netting and fibers of choice
Stapler and staples
Staz-on Ink in Jet Black
Stamps, I used both digi and rubber by Rick St. Dennis.
Markers or pencils to color your stamped image.
Paint brush/brushes and a palette knife.
I used a 3/4 inch flat brush.

Deco Art Products as listed below:
Texture Primer/Sealer (TXFP07-43)
Texture Crackle in Colorado (TXC05-51)
Decou-Page Matte (DS106-45)
Americana paint in Alizrin Crimson (DA179-3)
Americana paint in Lamp Black (DA067-3)
I have linked the DecoArt products to the DecoArt Store, but if you live in the states you may have a retail craft store that sells DecoArt Products.  Click this link to see if there is a DecoArt supplier in your area.

Step One:  Apply DecoArt Texture Primer/Sealer (TXFP07-43) to tag and allow to dry. This product assures good adhesion of the DecoArt Texture Crackle.

Step Two:  Apply Texture Crackle in Colorado (TXC05-51) to tag with a palette knife and allow to dry.  I like to apply some thick areas and some thinner areas for extra interest.

Step Three:  While the DecoArt Texture Crackle is drying, pick out a focal image for your tag and color.  I used the "Snake Woman" drawn by Rick St. Dennis and colored her with my Copic markers, fussy cut the image from the paper then lined the edges with a dark gray marker.  Lining or inking the edges of a fussy cut image really helps the image pop from its background.  You will see the colored image shortly.

Step Four:  Once the DecoArt Texture Crackle is completely dry it is time to add some color washes.  A color wash is basically paint diluted with water so it makes a very thin stain.  The washes get deep into the crevices and work great to add depth and dimension!  I first did a wash of Americana paint in Alizrin Crimson (DA179-3).  When dry, I did a wash with Americana paint in Lamp Black (DA067-3), just going over the edges and some of the deeper cracks and bulges.  See how the tag below already has a lot more interest than the tag above with only the Texture Crackle in Colorado (TXC05-51) applied?  

Step Five:  Stamp the tag with background images.  I used my "Voodoo" stamp set drawn by Rick St. Dennis which is available for purchase exclusively as a "past offering" through the Smeared Ink Rubber Club.  I picked a cool looking snake stamp, inked it with Staz-on ink, and stamped randomly. 

Step Six: I think the one thing that really makes a tag interesting is texture.  We already have a bunch of texture going on, but there is room for more.  This is where the mesh or netting comes into play.  I took gold netting from a bunch of apples I bought.  To attach the netting to my tag I used my stapler and then trimmed off any excess with scissors.

Step Seven:  Apply your fussy cut image to the tag with DecoArt DecouPage Matte (DS106-45).  I also used the Decoupage to seal my tag.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step Eight:  Apply fibers and any other embellishments you wish.  You may substitute with ribbon or twine.  Just use whatever you have on hand that blends well with the tag.

That's all folks!  Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment.  Also, these same techniques can be used for tags, cards, or ATCs for any occasion just by changing the  focal image and the colors you use.
Happy Crafting!
~ Lady Brayton ~

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