Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm so Bad I'm Bad to the Gills!

This month I decided to play along with Simply B's Facebook Fan Page Challenge.  For this month long challenge we had a choice of Roxie, the good Mermaid or my personal favorite, Spika, the bad Mermaid.  
Yep!  Good vs Evil.

I actually had trouble with this one because Spika is so gorgeous I had a hard time making her look bad.  I think I achieved sultry, but that's not such a bad thing, is it?

Here is my take on the challenge.  Click pic to enlarge.

Obviously, this is a digitally created project.  The background is created from 3 different photos I had in my stash.  I used a stormy sky pic, a rocky cove pic and water on a cloudy, windy day and merged them together.  On the Rocky Cove I added a skull to the left side of the rock formation.  It is a Rick St. Dennis design from his "Morte" set which is sold in rubber by Smeared Ink's Rubber Club.  I scanned the colored image to my pc, shrunk it down and decreased the opacity so it looks like park of the rock formation.  

The gorgeous Spika from Simply B Stamps is perched upon some rocks, surrounded by some of her favorite keepsakes...her victim's heads!  I found random skulls on the net, removed the backgrounds, and changed their color a bit. BTW, did you notice the tattoo on Spika's rear?  I guess technically it is her left lower back.  I like the way the scene turned out.  I was going to try to add some fog over the water, but I didn't want to push my luck.

Anyway, I hope I have done Spika and the ladies at SBS proud.  I loved playing with this image and totally plan on playing in more of Betty's challenges in the future!

BTW, make sure you stop by the SBS blog.  That is where you can see all the awesome entries to this month's challenge.  You will also see a vast list of other challenges Betty runs or sponsors too.  Of course, you must hit up her store and buy some of her goodies.  How can a gal resist?

~ Lady Brayton ~


  1. WOW girl, this is just mindblowing! Gorgeous just doesn't cover it. It's easy to see this wasn,t a 5 minute make. xxx

  2. dude this is so bad ass! I love it! you totally need to give me some digi coloring tips/tutorials! your amazing!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous. Love what you did. Wish I could do such great digital work.

  4. this is super fantastic! great work!! the skull on the rocky cove fits perfect! XX

  5. The more I look at this the more I notice new things. Truly amazing piece!
    I thought I had already commented on this, maybe I did on FB LOL terrible memory. xxxx

  6. OMG, fantastic job love it

  7. Wow, this is so well put together you'd never guess you'd merged so many different elements, looks great!

  8. Dammett! I want to grow up and be like you! I just love your digi work!