Saturday, August 3, 2013

First Saturday of the Month FREEBIES with RSD

It is the first Saturday of the month so that means it is freebie time from Rick St. Dennis on his Airless Chambers blog and his Sparkle and Glitter blog.
Visit all the blogs for example projects and to collect your freebies.

Here are my takes.  Rick challenged us to color the horns on Tworki below (grab him on the AC blog) with a color that starts with the letter of our first name.  For those that don't know, my first name is Angela.  I used the color amber.  I know, it looks more orange than amber, but I had to make due with the copic colors I had on hand.  The twist was Tworki's body had to be a complementary color (meaning a color across the color wheel from the color of the horns).
  I used Blue-Violets.

For the Sparkle and Glitter Blog, we had to color Bitsy's bathing suit with a color starting with our first name and use a complementary color for her bows.  I goofed and reversed those directions.  I used the same color scheme as I did on Tworki.  Jokingly, I said my bathing suit color was amethyst and the bows were orange so technically it still counts :)  

Both projects use copic markers and distress inks and a touch of white paint for the shine in the eyes and Bitsy's teeth.  I still can't find a reliable white gel pen.

~ Lady Brayton ~


  1. Lol that's funny. Love them anyway

  2. Fab work, I think I would find it hard to have my colour choice limited but you've done a totally fabulous job with these 2. Got to say Tworki is my favourite, I've got him printed ready to play with soon :D xx