Monday, May 27, 2013

WEEK 2 of Make Something with Feathers or Fur or a Combination of the Two with Smudgy Antics

It is week two of the fortnightly challenge over at Smudgy Antics.
For this challenge we are asking participants to make something using feathers or fur or a combination of the two.  A super easy challenge, or so I thought.  I realized that I own nothing with fur or feathers.  Yes, I could have shaved my cats, but then I'd have claw marks from head to toe!  OMG!  I just realized my cat toys have feathers!  Face Palm!  Oh, well.  It's too late now.

I decided to get creative with a raven I had leftover from Halloween.  Since Halloween is everyday in my household, finding spooky stuff is never a problem.  I know ravens are not traditionally spooky, mine was a hot ass mess.  Apparently Bubba and Doo, my cats, thought the raven was one of their cat toys.

Okay.  Now I had feathers, but not enough to pluck to make something with.
I decided to practice my operation skills.  This raven had to have a heart somewhere and if it didn't, i was going to give him one!  Out came my 15 blade for the initial incision. The "Anatomical Heart" from Smeared Ink's "Candy is Dandy" digi set was colored with copic markers and sealed in plastic for my viewing pleasure.  After implanting the heart into the raven with some hot glue, the incision was closed with Glossy Accents and Fun Flock in black.  Now the raven can proudly display his heart for all to see.  I even gave him a crown for his bravery during the operation as no anesthetic could be used.  

Here are the photos.  I should have done a step-by-step series.  Another face palm!  Click the images to enlarge and then head over to Smudgy Antics for more inspiration from the Smeared Ink DT.  There is still one week to play!

Here the raven stands proudly upon a skull:

 Below is a close-up of the raven's new heart and crown:

He is such a ham and wanted to pose on my graveyard mini book too.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Lady Brayton ~


  1. OMG, I LOVE him! You should introduce him to Edgar. Bet he'd be all kinds of jealous. Brilliant work, Lady B! xxD

  2. Hi Lady,
    I love your write up, you made me giggle! Your project totally rocks girly! Love all of it! So glad the surgery was a success for the bird!

  3. Your surgical skills are just amazing and I am so glad you decided to allow his heart to be seem by the world. The crown for bravery was a must :D Really fab work xxx

  4. I had to laugh at Bubba and Doo..wonder what they think of their toy now? Well I love what you made with their toy.But your story made me laugh. Love your piece it is wonderful art.
    susan s

  5. hahahaaa, he makes me laugh! Love this guy and so glad he survived the cats, that for sure is crown worthy.

  6. Great write up Lady and your Raven is so cool, glad his open heart surgery was successful, although, I'm not sure a step by step tutorial on open heart surgery is allowed LOL
    As always FAB! :)