Thursday, December 13, 2012

Creepmas Hops

I'm Lady B.  Welcome to my blog!
As most of you know, I am involved in three Creepmas hops at the moment.  All of the information about the Creepmas hops and prizes can be found in the links below and the full Blog Rolls for each hop are posted in my left sidebar.

The 13 Days of Creepmas, the Official Site (Day 13)

If you are following the Rick St. Dennis hop, your next stop is  Pauline's blog.  The RSD hop has prizes so be sure to check out Rick's  original blog  and his  "airless chambers blog" for details.  This hop goes live at Midnight PST. 

If you are following  The Official Creepmas hop, your next stop is  "Something Wicked this way Comes".

The Smeared and Smudged hop  goes live at 9 am PST.  If you are following this hop,    your next stop is Carolyn.

Here are my offerings for today:
(click images to enlarge)

This first project was made with a fabulous Rick St. Dennis Image (Let's Have Brains for Creepmas) which I colored and textured digitally in PSE8.  The background is a pic I took and I added some extra twigs, spider webs, and snow flakes.
  I wanted the zombie to look like he was breaking through the ground and of course I wanted him to look as evil as possible!

Next up is the same image in a scene I put together.  The exposed brick is from Make it Crafty, the presents on the left are digitally created while the gifts by the Christmas tree are real.  I love combining digi and real stuff to see what I can come up with.  The cutie in the pic is my wee nephew on his first Christmas.  I love how he is looking up at the Zombie!  I wish I would have made the zombie a bit smaller and more to scale in this one.  I spent a bunch of time after my 12 hour work day trying to fix it, but I had previously merged some layers and it turned out to be more effort than it was worth.  I still like the creation, although it doesn't feel finished to me yet.  I will probably try a few variations of this scene until I get it just the way I want.
  LOL!  Should I put this in my nephew's baby book?  
Just kidding!  I wouldn't want to traumatize the poor lad :)

  I'll add the links later as I'm brain dead at the moment.
OMG!  I just realized this is the last day for the RSD and the Official 13 Days of Creepmas Hops!  If you haven't had enough creepy inspiration, the Smeared and Smudged 12 Days of Creepmas Hop continues on the odd days leading up to Christmas Creepmas.

Happy Hopping!
~ Lady B ~


  1. Great cart you've made Lady B. And this is Creepy!!! Hahaha ... poor baby!
    The new image you have used is great! Greetings, Caroline

  2. Of course you'd have today's new image Let's have Brains for Creepmas. Fabulous, Lady B and congratsl to Caroline. xxD

  3. awesome , love wat you made, poor nephew LOL
    he's cute though

  4. so creepy! I need what brains I have left, thank you! Lol. Love these!

  5. Lol this is creepy for sure. Don't show this to the Kids. Awesome Hop.
    Hugs Nat

  6. C'mon, that's why people have kids is to traumatize them, right? Fabulous projects with the last image of the hop. You ROCK!!!

  7. Amazing piece of work, Lady B. All you have to do is traumatize them once and then they grow up just like you! LOL.
    Love your imagination and your digital work. Thanks so much!

  8. Your coloring is just wicked on this one! Both of these pieces are fantastic but the baby's words are an absolute hoot! I might wait for a somewhat developed sense of humor before sharing it!

  9. Hee Hee I thought it said Bratts for Christmas!!! Then re-read it!! Love it again today, Love Hazelx

  10. the 1st is fabulous and the 2nd so funny
    love them both

  11. You did a wonderful job with the finale piece-Thanks for your outstanding participation!!!

  12. Left the best for last didn't you! OMG I laughed so hard with the text that little speech bubble. I like the sizing as it is ;P xxxx

  13. Two great creepmas projects...are you lovin this! Love how you used the RSD image in two different are so talented!

  14. OMG LB your nephew is going to be like you! bahaha great work as always. love the image.
    susan s.

  15. Oh my gosh - what a cute baby! This is fabulous, I think he'll get a kick out of this some day! :)

  16. Love them both, you really did a great job on tehm and he looks truly creepy! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  17. Awesome digi and terrific colouring. Love the scene you made LoL xxxx

  18. Oh my gosh, two fabulously creepy creations! Your first card is so cool what a great background. And the scene with your nephew....WOW! LOL, love the zombie survival guide.

  19. There is so much humor in your projects, love it :) xx