Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing in the Dungeon - HDH150 "Oh My Gourd"

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"Oh My Gourd!!!"

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that utilizes, mimics, infers, or is otherwise obviously 
gourd or pumpkin inspired.

We have a wonderfully creative and timely sponsor this week!!
Funworld's Floating Pumpkin Hangers
These are called Floating Pumpkin Hanger kits.
Very cool concept and pretty simple to put together.
These look awesome in a grouping and the website has lots of 
photos and design ideas. They are available through Spirit,
Amazon, and possibly other online retailers. A simple Google search
should help you locate them in your area. They even have a Face Book page

I have survived another week in the dungeon as GDT for HDH.
I was given one of the hangers above to try.  
They are super cool!  I think I may need a bunch of these so I can cluster my hanging pumpkins from my tree.  Of course I would use fake pumpkins so the squirrels wouldn't eat them and I would add remote controlled battery operated lights so I could illuminate the pumpkins with a click of a switch.

After a few botched attempts, I finally managed to carve a pumpkin that I am proud to display.  Amazingly, I only cut myself once!  I stabbed myself a few times, but those were only little pokes so those don't count.  I cannot take credit for the stencil, only the carving.  The stencil was purchased at Stoneykins. I'm sure if you saw the stencil I used for my piece you would see the flaws, but I think it turned out pretty darn good for a newbie carver.

Here is my offering:
(click image to enlarge)
There is a pumpkin in the picture, suspended from my ceiling in my basement bar, but taking a photo with a flash took away from the carving that I spent way too many hours on.  At least you know that the hanger will blend in with the night sky or a darkened room.

Now head on over to HDH Macabre Monday and see what the other Minions have made for your viewing pleasure.

~ Lady B ~

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  1. very cool, great job and I love the stencil you have used, might have to get some of them to use as masks as well as pumpkin carving.
    I have never been good at carving pumpkins which sucks as HELLoween is my fave day of the year x

    1. Thanks, Mark! You should definitely check out the stencils at They have a huge selection, reasonable prices, a help forum, and they accept paypal so it is no problem to convert dollars to pounds. People make paintings and shirts and a ton of other things with the stencils.

  2. Freaking heck!!!!! This is a masterpiece. xxx

  3. OMG !!! Jaw-clangingly AWESOME Lady B. It's amazing :-D xxxxx

  4. You are just so cool Lady!! Truly killer!

  5. So amazingly fabulous, I'm speechless! And creepy as all get out. Guess we'll keep you another week. LOL xxD

  6. OMG! this is beyond FABULOUS!!! and so very very scary :)

  7. I See No Flaws !

    It's a Bang up Job on that carving.

    Lady B: Also thank you so much for the link and Kind words, on my Patterns/Stencils.

    1. No problem, Stoney. I love your stencils!

  8. I am speechless, this is just stunning! You are one very talented lady xxx