Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Smudge Fest Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of SmudgeFest!! 
The Challenge: TRASHY TUESDAY 
Create a project by upcycling some of your trash! Be sure to pick something that is obviously trash (i.e. soda can, bottle tops, bread closure tabs, etc.). 

The Prize:


Time to get trashy! Remember, be sure to link up by midnight tonight to qualify for the daily (and grand) prize. Then check back tomorrow for the new theme.
Link the projects on the Smudgy Antics Blog.
Here is my offering for today:
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My item of trash is a Ball Glass Mason Jar used for pickling.  I added water and Ranger Distress Inks to the jar to create a bloody color and then I added a "growing brain" that I received from Kristy.  My brain is only two days old so it will continue to grow for at least another day or two.  To decorate the jar, I used letters from Smeared Ink's "Build a Zombie Alphabet".  If you want this set you'd better hurry because it is being retired soon.  The brain image came from Smeared Ink's "Babies of the Damned" set.  It was originally part of a baby's rattle, but I cut off the handle and had a perfectly good brain to use.

When my brain grows to full-size, I want to see if I can preserve it.  I know it can't stay in water forever without starting to degrade and if I remove the brain it will shrink down again once it dries.  I was thinking about spilling the water out of the jar and pouring melted UTEE in the jar with the brain in it.  I'm not sure if it will work or not, but you guys and gals will be the first to know.

~ Lady B ~


  1. Oh this is delightful! I totally love this idea for your growing brain - what an amazing trinket to have around!

  2. lol...love it! was wondering what was in the jar...a growing brain, who knew? Great project! Good luck on SmudgeFest Day 2!

  3. :) I love your twisted mind! You've made a great home for your pet brain. I hope he grows big and you're able to preserve him!


  4. LOL, love this! I hope you are successful in your brain preserves, that will be so cool!

  5. Wahahaha - excellent. This is so cool and creey at the same time. I hope the brain don't burst out !!! I got one of those at easter that was a skull but it was a bit of a disappointment coz it didn't grow to the size they said it would ! LoL

  6. Oh you got my brain I was looking for it didn't know where I left it LOL

    Great project hope you will be able preserve it. I had a growing skeleton once and that became all slimey