Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pigment Play with HDH137

I'm ditching my responsibilities for a bit to play with MM HDH137 
Perplexing Pigment Play.
We were asked to use the colors black, teal, purple, and lime green.
Upon coloring I decided that I am in major need of more markers in this color scheme.  Forgive the poor blending that makes my project look like a third grade child made it.  Here is my offerings:
(click images to enlarge)

I continued on with Smudgy Antics' Bad Baby theme, but recolored my fat book pages to fit the challenge.  These bad babies are from Smeared Ink's "Babies of the Damned" collection.

~ LB ~


  1. Even with a lack of markers I love the way you use these awesome images LB. Thank you for sharing at MM @ HDH

  2. Haha way scary. Again thanks for making macabre monday that bit more darker hehe x