Thursday, May 17, 2012

CONFESSIONS Smeared in Ink

It's that time again!
Time for the Smeared and Smudged member blog hop.
 Our hop will be on THURSDAY, MAY 17th and will go live at 9am PST. 


Use your art to show us something you have never told your Mom about yourself...or about something you have done.

For those that don't know me, I am Lady Brayton (Lady B, or LB).  You should have arrived here from Kristy's awesome blog.  If not, no problem.  I will post the hop list at the end of this post to get you back on track or to enable you to start at the beginning. 

Warning...this is a long post!

I wasn't sure to what to confess.  My mom knows pretty much everything about me.  I don't typically keep many secrets.  I am the Queen of TMI (too much information).  I will ramble on to complete strangers about almost anything.  After deep thought, there were a few things I kept from my mom over the years.  Because I did have a few things to get off my chest, I decided to make a fat page book on this topic.  I ran out of time and left one or two things out, but I got most of the stuff out there.  When I finish the last page or two I promise I will share.  There is some juicy stuff left ;)
Here are the pages of my fat book.
Click images to enlarge.
 (Stamp bought from Gorey Details)
I used Dylusions inks, homemade stencils, & black and white markers.

I'm not sure where the "Splat" or word bubble came from.
I used Copic Markers and Distress Inks.

 (Trees: Stampscapes, Skull: Talon)
I used Dylusions inks, Tattered Angels stencils, & black and white markers.
BTW...this is the thing that would have pissed my mom off the most.  Being young in the woods with a friend and no adult supervision.  She would have killed me back in the day if she knew!

 (image found online, source unknown)
Colored with Copic markers. spray and open flames do NOT go well together!

(image by Sureya)
Colored with Copic markers.

Thanks for sticking with me through my book!  I hope you've enjoyed my creations and confessions.
Your next stop on the hop is the fabulous Patti.

Here is the hop list in case you get lost along the way:
Be sure to leave everyone a little bit of love for being brave and putting their personal stuff out there.

Smeared and Smudged May Member Blog Hop

Black Dragon
Susan S.
Lady Brayton

~ Lady B ~


  1. Awesome! You are such a talented artist and I had a real giggle at the page about hunting for bodies in the wood, that is so something I would have done lol xx

  2. funny so funny i love love love your fat book.
    susan s.

  3. This is totally awesome. I would love, love to do a fat book some day. :)

  4. This was fab! haha When I was young and drunk I was going to light my cigarette and my hair was cought on fire! To much hairspray I guess! ;)

  5. Love your fat pages they are so funny love the stink bomb one the most lol xxx

  6. wow that is a fabulous lil book. Love all your little stories. Those chicks fighting is my favorite part. I think we've all been in a scrap or 2.. I know I have too.
    That's cool you made your own stencil's. I think us crafter's sometimes get stuck in the rif of having alot of in craft stuff and sometimes dont realize that we can make alot of it cheaper than we can buy it sometimes. I have made 1 fatbook page I'll need to make a book sometime.
    Thanks for sharing LadyB

  7. wow you've been busy, but you had a lot to confess LOL.

    I love them all but the chick fight is my fav, great fat book can't wait till you show us the other pages

  8. Beautiful work my dearest lady.... everything you make is perfect.
    I look forward to seeing the rest of the book my friend.... what else do you have to confess i wonder?
    much love always xxx

  9. Lady,
    All of these FB pages made me giggle and smile! Mostly because I can relate to almost all of them. Instead of lighting my friends bathroom on fire I lit my bedroom on fire. Love the part about the stink bombs! I didn't go into the woods looking for bodies but there was this 2 story house across from mine and my brother's babysitter's house that was vacant and all the kids said it was haunted. It was old and falling apart our mom told us to stay out but me and my brother snuck across the street one day into the house and walked around it. The stairs had huge holes in them that we could have fallen thru, but we were looking for the ghosts! I have had my share of girl fights and one time I got into a fight w/ a boy on the bus coming home from school. I beat the crap out of him and I got in trouble for it. And your last confession, me too!! But speaking on your art work girl... it is so rad! Really I just love how you doodled, and used different colors for your back ground, it to me has a Art Journal type feel! Each and every one is truly wonderfully crafted! I honestly love them all! I cant wait to see more. I love your work anyways, so I am excited to see what else you come up with! Thank you for making your post so interesting! Much luv my friend!

  10. Oh, Lady B! I just love, love, love your fat book pages! You went above & beyond! Am looking forward to the juicy pages. Looks like we were alot alike, altho I was a bit older my fave place was the cemetery at the State mental hospital. Used to fight alot of boys who'd pick on my brother (he was such a wuss ), started a fire in my aunt's house - actually it was smoldering seat pillow that I pushed too close to the bathroom radiator, and kissing a girl, that too. Anyway, loved the coloring, writing, stamping, well, all of it! Awesome!

  11. Hahahaha LoL - what a FABULOUS fat book. Your depictions are just amazing and I love the colours :-D I never got in a fight but I used to love hanging around graveyards on my own. My MuM would've gone nuts I guess. Kissing girls HuH ??!!! I wonder what comes along next in the book hee hee. It's like waiting for the next episode of your fave Soap !!! :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. And there's more????? LOL Can't wait to see the rest! Great work LB, your colouring, as always, is beautiful :)

  13. OMG - you know I love you, right! I think that if we only lived closer together you would be my bestest friend in the whole wide world! I love your pages - the colors are so vibrant and the image just had me cracking up! I just want to say that I love your digi work, but I am glad you are able to get back into hands-on crafting every once in a while because the quality is just amazing! Great work! Can't wait to see more!


  14. fantabulous projects LB love them all, great images and use of colours and such a variety of projects too, really cool