Friday, January 6, 2012

Painting with Perfect Pearls

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on painting with Ranger's Perfect Pearls.
This tutorial will be posted soon on the Smeared and Smudged Forum.
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Sorry about the bad cell phone pics!

Supplies: Versa Mark or other embossing medium, Ranger Perfect Pearls in various colors, Black cardstock, embossing powder, rubber or clear stamp, paint brush, water, and heat tool.

The Versa Mark or embossing medium is what makes the embossing powder stick to the paper.  It will go on clear, but glossy/sticky.

Although Versa Mark is clear, you will see a "watermark" of your stamped image.  You may use other colors of cardstock, but the Perfect Pearls show up better on dark colors.

 Apply a generous amount of embossing powder over your stamped image.

You can see how the embossing powder has stuck to the Versa Mark.

The excess embossing powder can be reused.  I like to put the excess embossing powder back in the jar prior to heat setting to prevent blowing the embossing powder all over the room. 

The nice thing about embossing your image prior to painting is that the embossing powder makes a raised outline that helps keep the paint mixture in place.

For making the paint mixture, I would not recommend using the lid of the Perfect Pearls jar as I did.  Any moisture left in the cap prior to closing the jar will cause your Perfect Pearls to make a hard, dry clump.  You can mix your Perfect Pearls and water on a water proof craft pad, a glass table, a plastic or glass plate, on a palette, etc.  Just use whatever you have around the house.

A thinner mixture will yield a translucent look while a thicker mixture will be more opaque.  Play around to achieve your desired effect.  You can mix various colors of Perfect Pearls to create new colors.

I didn't include a step-by-step here in order to save space.  Basically, use your Perfect Pearls and water mixture with a paint brush and get busy!  Rinse your brush between colors.  Also, when making your paint mixture, just make a little at a time as it goes a long way.  I literally made a small to medium coin sized batch of paint mixture for the white above.  I used just a drop for the lips and eyes, and 2-3  drops of water mixed with blue perfect pearls for the shirt.  The above image is Lonely Boy from Smeared Ink.

I mixed a bronze perfect pearls (pp) with white pp to achieve the fair skine tone shown above.  All the other colors were straight from the pp jars and mixed with just a touch of water.  The green was probably mixed with just a drop or two of water.  I made my pp mixture thicker because I wanted a more opaque look.  The image above is one of Smeared Ink's "Elementals".

Above is the same technique using Smeared Ink's "Morbidly Adorable Tarot" set (set created by Misty Benson).



  1. Oh WOW - I have just gotta get my hands on these PP's now after seeing these. TFS LB xx

  2. Superb tutorial Lady. You are just totally inspiring...all the time. Thank you x
    much love lynx BD

  3. cool tutorial, have got to try this sometime ;-)

  4. Oooh cool. This looks really great - shame I don't have any of that stuff :-( xxxx

  5. Great tutorial- using one of my favorite images!

  6. FAB tutorial LB...... I have some of these, but was scarred to use them LOL

  7. I just purchased this stamp. i have made a couple of the others but not this one. i love your style.

    susan s.