Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Smeared and Smudged Style - Day 7

Welcome to the 12 days of Christmas Smeared and Smudged Style.
Today is day 7.
You should have arrived here from Tori's blog.

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We'll be posting every other day (odd days) until the "Big" day. The hop goes live at 9 am PST on each scheduled day.

Here is my offering for today:
(click image to enlarge)


Ok...I know I've already used Serial Killer Santa once this season, but we were talking about our little group being a freak show on Monday and that totally inspired me to rid myself of any inhibitions and to stop worrying about what others think.  Sometimes my art is offensive to some. 
Most people don't understand my dark humor.
I'm okay with that. 
Art is supposed to make people feel something.
If my art makes you laugh or cry or pisses you off then I've done my job.

Background: Itkupilli.
I took an ATC background, copied and flipped it, and made one large room

Images from Smeared Ink's "Serial Killer Santa" set are as follows:
FYI...the Serial Killer Santa set is only $16.00 and there is a total of 17 images/sentiments including a NON-killer version of Santa and an empty gift bag so you can make either traditional or alternative cards.  That's less than $1.00 per image.  You can't beat that deal anywhere!

I also used images from Smeared Ink's "Gothic Christmas" Set:


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  1. AWESOME - totally brilliant. This just made me laugh out loud !!!! COSMIC !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love your art..... this is a magical piece of wickedly dark humour.
    You are an inspiration to me....always.love lynx

  3. Love your card Lady it is fantastic I love your dark humour.
    Luv Jane xxx

  4. OH WOW!! LB you are so clever! I love your dark humour, keep it comming :)

  5. Don't know about anyone else but I'm stuffing my chimneys with sleeping bags and imbedded knives on Christmas eve! Scary!

  6. OOOO scary santa, lol love what you made, great sentiment ;-)

  7. Never worry about me... I LOVE YOUR ART!!! I love the fact that you think differently!!! Awesome Creation!!! Hugs and hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

  8. You are definately right on with how you think about your artistic output.
    Everyone has their own way of looking and creating and we all should respect each other's way of doing thing's instead of being so judgemental about everything. That's what is wrong with the world right now.
    Ive never been one to try and keep up with the jone's myself. I think your art is fabulous and enjoy all walks of art. Only thing that's pissin me off lately is I DONT know how to do this digital coloring thing. I'm gonna have to sit down and just click around my photoshop and watch some tut's online and get caught up to everyone else. Great project today by the way

  9. HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, so this card sums up what my daughter was saying to me yesterday! OMGosh....that Christmas song came on and she was asking why people would want Santa to be a pedophile in a red suit watching the kids at night...watching to see if they are bad or good...."what is he a serial killer???" (she is 12)....omgosh she is going to laugh! Fantastic card

  10. Hi There! Your art is absolutely wild...and I love it! You have taken total artistic license and "screw them" attitude. Good for you. Just plain and simple...good for you! I found you at the Outlawz and am now a happy follower. Merry Merry, Spirited Love, Samara