Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7 of 31 Days of Halloween

Welcome back!

Today is Day 7 of 31 Days of Halloween sponsored by Smeared and Smudged.

The hop goes live everyday in October at 9:00 am Pacific time.

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Here is my offering for today:

I almost didn't post this. I feel as though it's unfinished. Perhaps I need to make it a night scene or add fog and mist? I guess I'd better get out my photoshop for dummies book and figure out how to do it! The reason I did post this is because I think it's pretty neat. I like combining stamps with realistic items to see how well I can make them blend. The photo is one I took of a cemetery on Macinac Island, MI. The tombstones and cobblestone arch are from Smeared Ink's "Build a Graveyard" digi stamp set. I then added two of Simply Betty Stamps' Steampunk Halloween Collection to the scene.

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~ Lady Brayton ~


I found a tutorial on you tube.  Gotta love you tube tutorials!  Here are two first time attempts for me.  First up, fog and mist:

Now a little extra fog with light rays coming through:
Is it too misty?  Which is your fav?

Have a great weekend!  See you hoppers tomorrow!



  1. EXCELLENT job of compiling! this is wonderful.
    NO< no dark or fog, the day time gives this the look of a love lorn tragic tale, a tale of what might have been for these 2 ghosts---picnics etc!

  2. Breathtaking piece - FAB colouring on those images. I would like a bit of low lying fog :-D
    Ike xxx

  3. Wow, your blend is FABULOUS! I agree that some fog would be just the ticket although it's beautiful as is. Best of luck with it. xxD

  4. Beautiful, beautiful piece! And, if possible I agree with all of the above comments - ghosts on a sunny day are so awesomely different and maybe a bit of fog would be nice. I have some posts coming up where I used downloaded cloud brushes to get fog. Putting the composition onto a photo was inspired - need to try that!

  5. You just amaze me truly you do! This is so very pretty! Love the bright colors, the way you added all your images! Just a wonderful job!

  6. This is awesome wish I could do digi art. I love it as it is but fog would be awesome
    Luv Jane xxx

  7. awesome I love the 2nd one the best

  8. LB... I love all 3 pictures... you are definitely a techno genius!!! It would have taken me forever to figure that out!!! I think you have done a wonderful job of adding a real picture, digi images, and stamped images!!! Awesome!!!

  9. This is so cool! I like the addition of the fog.:)

  10. ooh I love the last one the best! awesome wicked girl!

  11. Love this LB! You are amazing at the digital stuff. My fave is the one in the middle. While, I do like the last one, the rays of light might be a tad thick & undefined. Way cool tho.

  12. wow that totally is grand. I like the last one the best. the one with the most fog and mist. that is just too cool

  13. Lovely! My fave is the second one with the little bit of wispy fog, those trees are too beautiful to cover up to much and I love the thought of this couple strolling thru the sunlight.

  14. wow, lovely layout. I love the mist.

  15. Oh yes - I definitely like the low lying fog best :-)
    Ike xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Lovely! I love the stamps and the background! The fog is so cool!

  17. it looks like a photo, you could sell this! i do like the low lying fog the best. one day i want you to open up shop and sell your amazing pieces.

  18. I like the last one best, it has a romantic feel about it. Lovely