Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smudgefest Day 2-Terrifying Tuesday

Day 2 of Smudgefest!!!  

What?  You don't know what Smudgefest is?  Click here to find out!

For today's challenge we were to use our favorite Smeared Ink image and create a scary project.  This was hard for me because it is too hard to choose a favorite as I currently have several.  Also,  I don't find too many visual things to be scary. 

Here's my creation:
(click on image to enlarge)

I used an image and sentiment from Smeared Ink's "Zombie Pinups" digi stamp set.  She is colored digitally as I am eagerly awaiting my copic refill shipment.  I drained my zombie colors completely dry!  BTW...I color MUCH faster by hand than by computer.  I miss my markers!  I printed this undead beauty on Copic X-Press it cardstock and inked up the white space with three different colors of Distress Inks.  I further matted her onto black cardstock cut in a wonky manner and mounted that on some Creative Imaginations DP.  More black cardstock (and a touch of yellow for the senti) and my card was done.  Tell me...wouldn't YOU be AFRAID if this gal loved you FOREVER?!  I mean, yeah...she's cute now (despite her open wounds, exposed bones, and oozing eyeball), but think of the future and hot summer days speeding up the rot process.  Can you say GROSS?!  I won't even get started on the smell factor.  Yuck!


~Lady B ~

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.


  1. Your coloring is still gorgeous, even without your markers. I definitely couldn't get past the smell with her.:) Great card!

  2. AWESOME colouring - she is really gross... I don't deal with eyeballs well YUK !! Don't mind the smell 'cos I got no sense of smell.... very useful in my old Job I can tell you !!!
    Can't wait for your next creation :-D
    Ike xx

  3. "Seriously Babe, it's over, move on!" Lolol, oh I do amuse myself sometimes. Yup, definitely would want this vixen to be with me for all eternity :P

  4. Hi Lady another awesome card she looks fantastic
    Luv Jane xxx

  5. the white space shading is SUPERB!
    excellently creepy card!

  6. Damn... I have got to take some lessons from you! You are the best! I still can't believe you colored that on the computer... you must have one steady hand! Whew!!!

  7. Forever might not be too long being loved by a zombie. This is awesome digital coloring! Would love to learn how you do it. Excellent!!!! Lovin' your Zombie Pinups!

  8. Awesome! Love the image and the sentiment!

  9. Amazing coloring! Love it. Now I can't get the smell factor out of my mind. EEEEWWWW!!!! xxD

  10. Love the image, the background and the sentiment!

    Fiona. x