Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smeared and Smudged Member Blog Hop

It's that time again! Time for the Smeared and Smudged member blog hop. Our hop will be on Thursday, August 11th at 9 a.m. Pacific time. Many of us will have our projects up before then so feel free to hop around earlier if desired, but be sure to stop back to see any blogs that you've missed or that weren't posted yet. Of course, as is tradition, blogger is having serious issues as well. Hopefully everyone will be able to get their posts up! 

  Oh...I am the last stop on the hop.  I think they knew I was going to write a book about my project!  I will have the hop list at the bottom of my post so if you don't want to read a bunch of garbage you can just scroll down to my project and the hop list.  No offense will be taken.  I just wrote my mini-novel to describe my process...and because I was zoned out from sleep deprivation.  LOL!

Want to know what our theme is for this month? It is paint! Yep, we are getting sploshy and gooey with one of the messiest mediums around. FYI...Smeared and Smudged blog hops take place the second Thursday of each month. There is a new theme each month which can be found on the forum and the only rule is that your project has to be stamped somewhere (digis are fine). You can use stamps from any manufacturer as well so why not play along with us next month?

Here is my creation:

(click images to enlarge)

I hope I am not boring you with another coffin.

This is another one of my paper mache coffins from Michael's Arts and Crafts. I iced the top of the coffin with lightweight spackle and pressed one of the texture stamps from Smeared Ink's "Urban Decay" rubber stamp set. If you don't have spackle I'm sure joint compound or wood putty would work as well. Basically, anything that hardens and is paintable will do the trick. The effect looked cool, but need a little extra texture. I took the spackle knife thingie (sorry...I don't know the proper name for it) and "carved" lines in the spackle. The spackle was still moist at this point so carving is essentially just dragging the edge of the knife through the spackle. Anything can be used...toothpick, pen tip, nails, the end of a paint brush, etc.

After drying, I painted a base coat of brownish-black with cheap acrylic paints. When this coat dried, I dry brushed a light brownish-gray over the raised areas to bring out the texture. At this point my hubby got interested in my project. Let me take a step back and mention I only texturized the top of the coffin. I didn't want to do the sides because then the lid wouldn't fit back on. Well, like I said, the hubby took interest in my project and told me I should add a wood texture to the sides. Then it came to me! I stamped the bark stamp from Smeared Ink's "Urban Decay" rubber stamp set in versa mark and stamped around all sides of the coffin (small sections at a time), sprinkled zing embossing powder onto the versa marked areas, and heat embossed it. my coffin was looking better, but now the embossing powder was shinning while the top was dull. I got out a dry brush again and applied grays, browns, and greens to the sides to age them a bit.'d think I'd be finished, right? Well, hubby challenged me to line the coffin. I do not sew and had no fabric on hand, but I couldn't resist a challenge. I made a template of the coffin base and cut it out of cardstock. I found some recycled ribbon in my stash that was perfect except for the fact it was too narrow. I decided to cut strips out of the ribbon and tack it horizontally with glue dots. I think it turned out okay. In the future I want to get fabric and batting material and really do it up!

Done? Of course not! I had to put handles on the thing apparently. LOL! I found some cool brads and while placing them hubby stopped me. He ran upstairs, rummaged through the pantry, and came running back down the stairs with cocktail stirs in hand. I kid you not! At this point I am in awe of my hubby's creative potential. He may have to collaborate with me on more projects! Anyways, I mounted the brads horizontally so the cocktail stir would fit through the attached eyelets. Well, it looked okay, but the stirs were white. Ugh! Would I ever finish my project?! Luckily, I still had some metallic Staz-On ink in my stash. I inked the plastic stirs and now had two silver handles to carry the coffin.

I was going to end the project there as I met the paint and stamp requirement, but I wanted to add a little something extra. I found the spiderweb stamp and spider stamps (sorry, don't remember who made them) and stamped with the silver staz-on ink.

Phew! Hubby went to bed so I'm calling this project done before he comes up with more ideas! Heck...he wanted me to do fancy stuff to the ribbon to look more coffin-like. I think tufting was involved. I think that's the term. At this point flames came out of my eyes and he knew he was asking too much. LOL!
The hop list can be found below. Be sure to leave everyone a little love. If a blog posting is missing, please stop by that blog later as we have international players, different time zones, and blogger is behaving badly. You won't want to miss the inspiration!


~ Lady B ~

Oh!  I almost forgot!  There is a HUGE sale going on at Smeared Ink:

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  1. OH MY GOSH! This is amazing! Love the lining. Well love all of it, but wow!!!

  2. Damn Girl, you are amazing! (And so is hubby; but don't tell him 'cuz it will go straight to his head! LOL) I LOVE your coffin! I will never get tired of seeing them, especially the way you do them up! Awesome! (I can sew; but don't like to much! LOL!) I love your lining!!!

  3. I love this! I ordered some of these coffins the other day, but I don't think anything I will do to them can compare to this. Really fabulous! And I loved reading your little novel about the process.;)

  4. wow, it's fabulous, I really love it

  5. Wow Lady this is fantastic I love it and enjoyed reading all about it
    Luv Jane xxx

  6. This is AWESOME,LB! Love it how your hubby helped ya out & gave his input. What a sweetie!The lining was such a clever "make-do" & it finishes it off so well. The texture is amazing as is the painting. Looks real!

  7. DUDE....who knew that our hubby's had creative potential too! Hahaha....great job to the both of you and I just LOVE the texture and handle on you coffin!! The lining is really great as well and i like the way you colored it!! I WANT MORE!


  8. You are THE MASTER at this! I want you to make my coffin LOL

    Fiona. x

  9. Gosh this is totally AWESOME - all that work !!! Super amazing job - you ROCK !!!
    Ike xxx

  10. Wow- your coffin is fabulous! Love the outside finish and the lining and the spider web. Creepy good!

  11. i love it!!!! and keep the coffins coming! wonderful job! hubby's are good for help sometimes ;)

  12. COMPLETELY awesome! love it! and yea, tell you hubs to do his own projects LOL!

  13. Coffins are never boring! Love it, the detail is amazing!