Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blogger is a Pain in my #$&!

Ok, folks.  I apologize if I haven't been very good at commenting lately.  I always try to comment on my DT's projects as well as participants in our challenges.  If I see a cool project on one of the many blogs I follow I like to comment as well.  Ever since the last Blogger rehab, my commenting abilities have been increasingly difficult.  Even though I mark the "keep me logged in" box, blogger constantly kicks me out.  I have to sign in again everytime I want to comment.  If word verification is on then the process doubles in difficulty as I often have to log in a second or third time and then my comment gets lost.  It is beyond frustrating!  Please know I look at and admire your projects even if I don't comment.  Sometimes I just give up trying after two or more failed attempts.  My ability to follow blogs has also been affected.  The follow button does not show on many blogs or if it does...guess what?  Yep...I have to sign in again and then the follow box still does not show.  I can sometimes copy the addy of the blog and manually add it to my list, but what a pain!  I miss the old blogger.  Ya know...the one that worked.

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