Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've been coloring...

It has been a cold, rainy day over here.  My winter hibernation mode kicked back in and I decided to stay in and color.  I can't believe it was almost 90 degrees just a few days ago!  Ah...Chicagoland weather.  I'd much rather be in the desert!  Anyway, here's what I colored today:

This beautiful image was drawn by James Garza of JMG Creations.  He has been kind enough to let me color a few of his line drawings.  He is an amazing artist!  Go check out his blog.

I colored this lovely lady with my Copic markers and colored the background with Distress Inks.  Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?!  I think I still need to add some shadows, but I was so excited with how this was turning out that I felt compelled to share it!

Here are a couple other JMG Creations I have added color to.  Some are finished...some are not, but all are cool to look at.  Click on the images to enlarge.

BTW...James and I are talking about a possible collaboration on some work.  I'll keep you updated!

Thanks, James, for allowing me to work with your awesome artwork!


  1. WOW amazing coloring, just awesome, TFS

  2. Wow truly amazing coloring and the art work is pretty cool too!

  3. Fabulous, LB! I love how your latest James Garza piece came out! She is really beautiful, and i love the colors you worked with.

  4. AMAZING coloring! Absolutely stunning! You are one friggin tallented lady! I am still drooling!

  5. Stunning projects, gal! I have to giggle over the bunny! Your backgrounds are amazing.

  6. I got a tattoo of your candy skull...the first time i saw it it was just a drawing..but when you add color and it really was amazing! I would like for you to see it.If you have an email I would like to send it to you!my email is novblu16@yahoo.