Thursday, May 26, 2011

HDH MM Necro Wear

HDH is being sponsored this week
by none other than the uber wicked,

The "Necro Neck wear" challenge is to create a piece of
original artwork that may be chosen as a new design for
Kustom Kaskets, and they will also make the winning design
into a pendant for one lucky winner!!! How cool, right?!

I did a photoshoot with my kitty during the Halloween season and thought the pics would be perfect for this challenge.  I don't have any jewelry making supplies so I made faux frames and links in photoshop.  Tell me this wouldn't make a kick-ass bracelet?!  Any individual part of the bracelet could be made into a pendant necklace.  What a sweet set it would be!

Click to biggie-size. 

Here are the individual pics:

~ Lady B ~


  1. How ever did you get that kitteh to hang out with the body parts? Great entry! Good Luck!
    Thanks for joining us Lady B!

  2. This would make an excellent pendant. What is that though? (curious minds need to know) x

  3. OMG!!! This is creepy as all get out! Goliath brings in (RAT) body parts all the time, but this... EEWWWWWW!!! LOVE it! xxD

  4. Your kitty is so cute. And the pics are fabulous and would make pretty child scaring pendants. "what? this is your kitty? I will never visit you again. The body parts might be mine next time."
    Do you see the big big grin on my face?

  5. JUST PERFECT! Thanks very much for playing along with our Necro Neckwear challenge at HDH :D