Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The loves of my life: Macabre Monday HDH076 - Love bites!


The following project is horrible.

It was designed for this weeks challenge at Haunted Design House.

Don't blame Barb for this.  She didn't know I'd get so twisted with this week's challenge.

Most will be offended by viewing my offering.

Click away now.

I am totally serious.

Seriously, I am not fucking around.

Okay...you've had your chance.


If you are going to view this please, PLEASE get your little kiddos away from the computer screen!

For real, this project is bad.

My few kindred spirits will appreciate the twistedness of my project and will understand that said project does not truly represent my views.

Please, no hate mail.  Don't send me a map with directions on how to find Jesus either.

I am not the Devil's Spawn.

Ok...you've been warned!
(click to biggie size the pic)

Images: Itkupilli
Poem: Me!

The poem reads:

As you laid down
to sleep in your beds,
I couldn't help bashing
your sweet little heads.

You'll never talk back
or tantrum or fight.
You're perfect now,
The loves of my life!


  1. Twisted beyond words! Those kids are gruesome! Your dislaimer is hysterical.

  2. Awesome hun! Feel like that with mine sometimes! LOL. Love the poem

  3. I too love the disclaimer, which by the way made me want to see!!! I love these images, itkipulli is awesome!!! I totally love this!

  4. Love the disclaimer, but only made want to see it more and I love it (twisted, yes) but brilliant. Love the poem too! TFS

  5. ROFL! I love love LOVE this! :P Thanks so much for playing along with HDH :D

  6. You had me at Disclaimer, I couldn't wait to see what you had done!! lol Truely gruesome!

  7. Couldn't WAIT to see this after the fab disclaimer. ROTFLMAO! WooHoo! You're as twisted as they come! I love this! (See why I didn't have kids?) :D xxD

  8. Brilliant use of the zombie Itkupilli images. I bought those a while back and have yet to use them. LOVE the little poem - is it an original?

  9. Oh Lady B- you are the QUEEN of twisted and you should be proud! I love it!!!

  10. WOW LB this is so cool! well that sounds bad...but you know what I mean! I had to call my DH in to look at this...wow just wow....your amazing!