Friday, February 25, 2011

Kenny K's Krafty Girlz challenge # 33

The following project has been Rated {M} for Maturity. 
This is intended for mature audiences only. 
May contain images of graphic or sexual nature including nudity and obscene language.
 This project has been banned on some sites. 
 Please use discretion when viewing.
Hate mail will be laughed at and publicly displayed for your humiliation. 
If you don't like what you see, close your eyes and click away.
No animals were harmed in the making of this project. 
Not even humans.
By viewing said content you are releasing the artist of said content from any liability resulting from the viewing of this material.  This includes, but is not limited to: shock, spontaneous erections, blushing, erections lasting longer than four hours, embarrassment, excitement, confusion, anger, thoughts of fluffy bunnies, mild homoerotic fantasies, loss of bladder control, and spontaneous shopping sprees.
This week's challenge at Kenny K's is "All about the R's".  Well, let's just say I'm ALL about that!  Here are the R's that describe my project:


Image: Carmen from Kenny K
Ink: Copic Markers
Other: Empherema from October Afternoon, Hoedown image found online

This word does NOT describe my project, but I encourage you to look it up in the dictionary:  rhinotillexomania .


  1. BWAHAHAHA- "publicly displayed for your humiliation", you ROCK girl!!!

    Love it---- a LOT!!

  2. I love this card, and I love you. TONS! This is amazing and your post is hilarious! Do you think said banners pick their noses? ;) Keep up the amazing work!!!

  3. Hi

    Hey, Awesome card!!

    Absolutely love it!!

    Thanks for playing along at KKKG this week.

    Michelle :-)

  4. wow! I have so much to say about this card, first off...I must confess it did make me feel all the things you said...except an erection...kinda not possible for me...can't say for DH looking over my shoulder, your card is awesome as always, and thanks for the dictionary hop, my new favorite words are Raffish, Ragmatical...and I saw someone in the store suffering from rhinotillexomania!

  5. Great card and love how you found all the 'R' words to describe your card. Good luck in the draw and thanks for joining the KKKG challenge

    Hugs Renate

  6. Really awesome card!! Thanks for joining us at KKKG this week.. Hugs, Linda

  7. Your warnings always crack me up and add to the anticipation. As usual you don't disappoint! this card is a gas! Gonna have to show it to my hubby and reap the benefits. LOL Thanks Lady B! xxD