Thursday, December 2, 2010

SBS 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

We're a quarter of the way in!!! Who hoo! Are ya havin fun? We sure are! These Betty~twists on Christmas projects are sure fun, and OMG you ladies are inspiring US! Each time we visit one of your entires our jaws drop!

Check the SBC blog for the deets on the 4th day of Christmas and prize info.

Here is what I've come up with for your inspiration:

I have used "Bahumbug Christian" from Simply Betty's Emo Christmas line.  Let me tell you, the Christmas Emos Rock!  I totally encourage you to get them in rubber.  Betty's rubber stamps are deeply etched and work great with polymor clay.  Roll out some clay, stamp some images, poke a hole at the top, paint when dry and add a ribbon....and BOOM!  You have awesome Emo Christmas ornaments!

Another idea...with a very clean rubber stamp... roll out some cookie dough, cut out shapes with cookie cutters, and press the stamp into it.  Don't press deeply enough to go through the dough, just deep enough to create an impression.  Then bake and decorate and have your own awesome Emo cookies!  How cool would that be?  Now I haven't actually tried the cookie thing, but I think it would work.  If anyone gives the cookies a try, post pics and send me the link.  I would love to see how they turn out!

~Lady B~


  1. fantastic work those teddies are way creepy, love the header for your blog it looks so creepy cool x

  2. OK girl, I gots a coupla things to say to you!! ;o)
    1st. Your header is friggin AWESOME. At first I thought oooh, CAUTE, then saw the trail of blood and was just alittle creeped out, which I know you are ok with! LOL
    2nd. Your card ROCKS! Those skellie teddies are so KOOL!
    3rd. Holy Crap! I SO want to make my own ornaments and EMO cookies, thanks for the ideas!
    and 4!!! You Rock my world Lady B!!

    and that card is ALSO incredibly AWESOME!!!

  4. TOOO CUTE!!! Love the little guys on the mantel. xxD

  5. OK...those teddies are to die for sitting there all creepy on the mantle! You rocked this challenge, LB! I bow down to you...