Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just for fun...

I've been playing with Picnik on Flickr.  Here's what I've been creating:

Vamp Tori

Zombie Terra

Zombie Me

Zombie Matt

Zombie Phil

Zombie Oz

Zombie Tori


  1. WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!
    Luv Jane xxx

  2. omg! those are frekin coooool!!! I want a zombie!!

  3. These are all so amazing!!!! You have totally inspired me to play with Picnik...but you do it WAAAAY better then me! If you wanna do any creepy kids (or me!) let me know! ;}

  4. OMG WOW these are absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

  5. these are so cool....I have been looking everywhere for some Zombie makeup but can only find very fake looking crap...I'm going to go off the image of you...I love it! thank you thank you

  6. those pictures are too real, fantastic job, they brought water to my eyes. LOL

  7. Hey Lady B!

    This is Annie from the Picnik Team. I just have to say those are some of the best zombies I've ever seen. You are a master! Thanks for showing off the Halloween features!

    -Annie, Team Picnik