Wednesday, October 20, 2010

31 Days of Halloween with Smeared and Smudged - Day 20!!!

 Welcome back!  I'm glad to see so many followers remain at this stage of the game!  Thanks for all the comments, they make my day!  Today is day 20 of the 31 days of Halloween.  Can you believe it?  Halloween is just around the corner!

Before I share my project for the day, I wanted to show off one of my pumpkins.  This is a craft pumpkin.  I like these because they last for years and do not get moldy and smelly.  I had a template/stencil from Pumpkin Masters, taped in onto my pumpkin, and poked holes to create the outline.  This pumpkin is unique as I didn't cut all the way through the pumpkin, I just carved into it enough so the light would shine through.  The lighter areas were carved more deeply.  To illuminate, I cut a small hole in the bottom and use a plug in christmas light.  Previously I used battery operated lights, but I quickly became tired of changing batteries.  BTW...these foam pumpkins can be carved with a serrated knife, a dremel tool, or my wire.  I actually bought a wood burning kit for this purpose.  Note: if burning foam, do it outside as the fumes are toxic.

Now onto my project for the day.  Here is a cutie from Stampinsanity.  She is colored with copic markers.  I left the background simple so this gorgeous image could take center stage.  The spider web is cut with my cricut "mini monsters" cart.  The skull is a rub-on from Creative Imaginations.  Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome pumpkin! I have no skills when it comes to carving them. Lilith looks AMAZING!!! Her air is stunning... I wish mine looked that terrific! Great job with her. She rocks!

  2. I love the pumpkin!
    Lilith is beautiful! awesome card!!

  3. dude the pumpkin is flippin' AWESOME!!!! i'm doing good to make the triangle eyes :). your card looks awesome, i love her hair!

  4. You are killing me with your talents in coloring hair, have you ever done a tutorial on this. I luv her hair.
    I didn't know you could carve the styrfoam pumpkins, great idea and no mess.LOL

  5. WOW!!! That pumpkin is wicked! I've got tons of the foam pumpkins but I've only carved one! Your card is aDORABLE!!!! She's such a cutie! (Did I know you had a Cricut?) xxD

  6. Awesome Lady B,

    Your carving skills rock! My hubby is the carver of this family. Also, your card is amazing as always.

  7. Holy awesome! That pumpkin is fabulous! Your card rocks too!!

  8. Great pumpkin. I love the card, her hair colour almost glows, perfect

  9. Awesome pumpkin and your card is fantastic the hair is perfect
    Luv Jane xxx

  10. wow- I don't know where to start. The pumpkin is GREAT. I have always wondered about carving those craft ones, but never tried.

    the card- your coloring is amazing girl!

  11. wow - love that pumpkin. I haven't seen anything like that this side of the pond. Onto that fantastic card.... That colouring!!!!! Keeping the background stark was such a good idea here, really highlights every thing.
    Helen xx

  12. awesomeness!!!!!! love the pumpkin, love the card!!!!!

  13. Love the pumpkin! I would probably end up with a pile of dust if I tried that. Lovely card, her hair is amazing.

  14. wicked pumpkin - no really, it's fantastic! Love her hair - just beautiful!

  15. great card! I love the coloring!! and the pumpkin is so cool! what a great idea!!