Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dirty Scraps DT Call

The Question Was Asked!

Are you completely inspired by our challenges??

Do you love to get down and dirty??

Do you want to be one of the dirtiest girls around??

My Answer:  Hell Yes!!! 

I just discovered this wonderful group recently {Dirty Scraps} and haven't had a chance to participate yet so I probably have a snowball's chance in Hell as far as becoming a DT member is concerned, but one's got to try!  Even if I don't get chosen, at least I found a new group to get down and dirty with!  Sounds like a win either way!  Here are my submissions (click on images to enlarge).  All the prompts for inspiration were from Gutter Girlz.

The projects above are some of my most honest, revealing pieces of work.  I believe in getting raw.  I believe that all important moments, not just the happy smiley ones, should be recorded in order to have an accurate portrayal of life.  I believe that scrapping is cheaper than therapy...or at least a helluva lot more fun!

Thanks for stopping by.  Remember to check out Dirty Scraps to get inspired by some of the dirtiest girls around.

~Lady B~


  1. LB, these are ALL incredible! I love that you are so honest in your work! I try to scrap the not so pretty too! You do it all...beautifully! Good luck with the DT Call!!!

  2. Now THIS is my kind of scrappin'!! Fabulous work, down & dirty for sure... good luck, Lady B!

  3. Wow! All I can say is Amazing!
    good luck..and looks like tons of fun!