Sunday, February 14, 2010

kiss my ass!!!!!

kiss my ass!!!!!, originally uploaded by ladybrayton71.


Kiss My ASS
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett

CLICK ON PIC TO BIGGIE SIZE IT (to get full image). I was so psyched about this challenge...and even more psyched that I actually posted my project. I've been a bit down in the dumps lately and consumed with work and obligations. This challenge felt like it was created just for me! Thanks, girls, for giving me inspiration to get off my ass and to get down and dirty in the gutter again! I needed a bit of a kick! I hope you like what you see! This was, by far, one of my favorite challenges.


  1. Hello there! My name's Christi, and first of all...I LOVE your blog. Secondly, I'm the loser who was supposed to mail you a prize from GutterGirlz about 3 damn MONTHS ago and I just found it while cleaning my scrap room. Can I just say that I feel like a total ass?! I'm SO sorry...I've scoured my email for the past 40 minutes and can NOT find what I did with your mailing address. *sigh* I'm not normally so disorganized and really hope you can forgive me. I'll send you some other cool stuff to try to make up for the lateness! Could you please, please send me your mailing address again so I can get your prize to you...PROMPTLY this time, I swear. Just email me at latte_grande921[at]hotmail[dot]com...I already have the envelope ready! Sorry again, and hope to hear from you soon!
    PS~Your blog rocks!

  2. Hey Christi! I can totally understand how things can get lost in one's scrap room. I found a nest of baby raccoons when I cleaned mine! Well, not really, but I can relate. I'll send you my info asap!