Great Cans!

During my vacation, I came across an advertisment that reminded me of my friend and fellow S&S DT member, Alison.  Here is what Alison looked like in a recent photo shoot:

Here is what the inspiration photo looked like:

My take on the inspiration photo is posted below.  Click the image to enlarge.

The total size is 8" x 8".  I made Alison and the ribbon much more vibrant than the original (I had to match Alison's vibrant personality) and switched the beer can a bit as squeezing Pabst Blue Ribbon in that tiny space was too difficult for me.  Alison is not a beer drinker, but when I think vintage or rock-a-billy I think PBR.  An American classic!  I even gave Alison a PBR tattoo!  How fun is that?!

I changed the bikini top a bit and incorporated Alison's cherry bomb dress pattern into the top.  Of course I had to add Alison's red bangs!  The bulk of this project is colored with copic markers.  The skin tones were done with prisma colored pencils.

So what do you think?  Did I do Alison justice?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you like what you've seen.
~lady b~


  1. It's great. I love the coloring!

  2. Gorgeous! Did you draw the girl or what? Perfect!

  3. totally awesome drawing,and the colouring it too..hugz Anita..

  4. It's ME!!!!! Do you have any idea how cool I think you and your card are??? Do you??? I am honored! You did uch a killer job on thi card! It really looks like me...only way better! You kick some serious ass, my friend! Thank you so much!!!


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